About Us

The IPA (Individual Practice Association) is an organization of physicians (M.D., D.O., D.D.S) founded in 1979 to provide a network of medical specialties to managed care organizations.

This association which consists of 296 physicians in 37 specialties contracts with various HMO, PPO, PHP on behalf of these 296 physicians. In addition to negotiating fee's for its physicians, the IPA also contracts for physician involvement in the management of its patients and the subscribers of the managed care organization. This therefore means the physicians are involved not only in the treatment of its patients, but by serving on various committees and board of directors of the health maintenance organization.  They help to develop the protocol, policies and procedures for ordering tests, treating patients, disease management, immunology, hospital admission, out-patient surgery and out-patient testing. Physicians caring for their patients, and making medical decisions for the good of their patients is the prime objective of this organization.